About our Firm


Mega Funding Directory Corp. is one of our 800 (plus) offshore flagship conglomerate corporations which focuses on mega funding, financial service solutions to governments and value-oriented acquisitions of leading business, asset and wealth management corporations worldwide. We are truly a global conglomerate enterprise that creates growth and jobs that help the economy worldwide, as we increase our presence around the world. We are truly a growth-oriented conglomerate out to gain worldwide market share for our clients.

Our Ultimate Goal Is $180 Billion Dollars

Our ultimate goal is to place $180 billion dollars of mega funding which is only $1 billion dollars per country. Our worldwide network infrastructure is now in place to achieve this goal. Our client’s interest is our top priority. This is how we build long-term client relationships and this is why our funding is in such demand that companies trust us with their most important decisions. Our global mega funding network is one of’ the most powerful in the world today with sales reaching $100 billion dollars U S. worldwide. Our ultimate goal of $180 billion dollars should be achieved by 2023 or sooner, as we now have complete worldwide network access.

Kenneth Roy Dusang

Chief Executive Officer

President’s Personal Message

I, Kenneth Roy Dusang, as President and C.E.O., am proud to introduce to you our 800 (plus) offshore financial flagship conglomerate mega funding corporations which are the fastest-growing companies in the world today and are designed to serve you better for all your financial needs worldwide. If you seriously require mega funding, now or in the near future, I highly recommend and suggest that you take the time to read this website from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, as you will find it highly informative for all your mega funding requirements worldwide. Thank you, in advance, for considering and/or utilizing our worldwide mega funding financial services network.

800 Worldwide Corporate Websites To Choose From

We are proud to announce, in order to serve you better worldwide, we presently operate 800 (plus) conglomerate mega funding corporate websites of your choice for all your financial requirements. Access is at your fingertips in 180 (plus) countries, no matter where in the world you live. Our ultimate goal is to operate with 1,000 mega funding financial conglomerate corporations and websites in the very near future. We intend to expand our footprint to serve you better.

President’s Worldwide Activity

Kenneth Roy Dusang is the founder and C.E.O. of Mega Funding Directory Corp. He is responsible for overseeing all activities for the corporation worldwide. Furthermore, Mr. Dusang implements board decisions and is responsible for Mega Funding Directory Corp. for the world, as well as dealing with individual investors, corporate investors, and institutional clients. Mr. Dusang currently serves on the Board of Directors for 800 (plus) mega funding corporations worldwide, as well as 10 asset and wealth management corporations.

Our Special Niche In the Marketplace

We specialize in mega funding large fortune 500/public corporations, states, cities, governments, countries, private corporations, and high net-worth clients from $5 million to $100 billion dollars. No deal is too large for us to look at as we have no borders — only time zones! How may we serve you today, and into the future, to assist you with all your financial requirements? We specialize in purchasing banks, government, country, state, city and province debt starting at $100 million to $100 billion dollars (plus) U.S., as well as “toxic assets” and portfolios at the right price worldwide.

Our BRIC Niche Countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China

The BRIC are both the fastest growing and largest emerging market economies in the world today. They account almost for 3 billion people or just half of the population of the world. In recent times, the BRIC has also contributed to the majority of the world’s GDP growth. We have led some of the largest, most challenging, and most complex transactions seen in the world’s capital markets. Our deal-making intelligence, market insight, risk management expertise, and global strength are all important individually. Put together, they are instrumental in helping corporations and governments to meet their mega funding financing requirements and achieve their strategic objectives and goals.

Kenny Dusang Asset Management Corp.

Kenny Dusang Asset Management Corp. is a global leader in asset and wealth management services. We serve institutional, high net-worth clients and private mega funding banks. With assets under management of $35.3 billion dollars, we will be one of the largest private asset and wealth managers in the world. We manage the top 800 (plus) offshore mega funding corporations, as well as the top 60 worldwide franchise corporations, 28 mega funding directory corporations, 12 money placement corporations, 10 asset management corporations, 20 outsourcing money corporations, 12 Who’s Who financial corporations and 1 oil and gas corporation worldwide in 180 countries.

Investment Management Worldwide

Kenny Dusang Asset Management Corp. is a leading investment manager of choice for institutions, financial intermediaries and individual investors, worldwide. Operating worldwide in every major world market, we offer investment experience and insight that few other firms can match.

Capital Management

Kenny Dusang Asset Management Corp. is a global alternative investment management firm providing a diversified investment platform including hedge funds, private equity, and traditional investment management products to institutional investors, public and corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations and family offices.

Worldwide Asset Management Corporations Wanted

With $35.8 billion U.S.D. of funds under management, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our ability to design and manage complex investment vehicles. Our main source of revenue comes from its management fees, as well as our investment funds and hedge funds, with additional revenue coming from fees when funds outperform the competition. We have a mandate to purchase asset or wealth management corporations that have a minimum of $25 billion dollars U.S. to $100 billion dollars U.S. under management. We can close these transactions quickly after our due diligence is completed.

Worldwide Cash Offers To Date To Go Public

We have had multiple cash offers up to $2 billion dollars U.S. from the Middle East and Asian clients to purchase the world’s largest group of 8OO (plus) mega funding corporations ever assembled. We are proud to announce that we have turned them all down, at this point in time, as we have not reached our goal of $180 billion dollars and a potential profit of $18 billion dollars U.S. We are only one of a few private conglomerate corporations capable of doing this type of business and are debt free, at this point in time. We have been asked numerous times to be taken public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), as well as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE).

Worldwide Bank or Financial Institution Wanted Offshore

We are now in a great financial position to purchase a large financial institution or large offshore financial corporation, whether it be private or public, to help us reach our goal of $180 billion dollars. We will then use our 800 (plus) mega funding corporations to feed new business to this financial institution in order to achieve our goal, as well as our potential 10,000 new franchises. This type of transaction is perfectly aligned with our long-term strategy to become No. I in the world for mega funding by opening 10,000 satellite franchise banks which are presently underway around the world. We have been very successful with this kind of concept because our franchises require that you do not have to carry inventory – only a laptop is required. We would then consider taking this financial institution public (if it isn’t already or purchase all of the outstanding shares) in 2023 or 2024, as market conditions prevail.

Worldwide Turnkey Mega Funding Franchise/Partnerships Available

Franchise/Partnerships are available now in 180 countries. Join the No. 1 winning team and live the good life! Take ownership of your life today. We are now offering and making available the No. 1 mega funding franchise/partnership business in the world today. Own your own business and work from home/office with only a laptop. It is the best business in the world, as NO inventory is required. You have a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and make nothing but money from your laptop if you choose to purchase a worldwide franchise/partnership today.

The Kenny Dusang Philanthropy Foundation

When we achieve our goal of $180 billion dollars and a profit of $18 billion dollars, our corporations will be sold off to one of the following categories — banks, large financial institutions, wealth asset management corporations, hedge funds, life insurance companies, or a government corporation. We want to leave our legacy for humanity. The Kenny Dusang Philanthropy Foundation plans to donate a large portion of the profits of the sale of our 800 (plus) offshore corporations to worldwide charities.

Worldwide Sales will Reach $100 Billion Dollars US. for 2023

We are a large worldwide conglomerate that owns and operates 800 (plus) mega funding-related corporations with a volume reaching $100 billion dollars from 180 countries in which we operate. Our mandate and goal is to place $180 billion dollars which is only $1 billion dollars per country, as we operate in 180 countries. We are a worldwide growth-oriented corporation with no borders — just time zones!

Worldwide Merger and Acquisitions

We are a worldwide merger and acquisition conglomerate that owns a group of 800 (plus) brand corporations that have a mandate to purchase up to 10 corporations in the $1 billion to $10 billion dollar range for 2024 in the following categories – offshore banks, financial corporations, stake in Canada oil sands, oil and gas, oil tankers, offshore drilling rigs, mining, gold mines, renewable energy, real estate, airlines, electric automobile manufacturing, railroads, telecom, corporate bailouts, wealth management, asset management and hedge fund corporations, etc. as we plan to increase our footprint around the world.

How May We Serve You Today Worldwide?

How may we assist in serving you today for all your mega funding requirements worldwide? We will devote all of our resources to ensure that we pave the way for our client’s success globally, as no deal is too large for us to look at. Thank you, in advance, for considering and/or utilizing our worldwide mega funding financial services.

Kenneth Roy Dusang

Chief Executive Officer